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Insect culturing with agroindustrial by-product.
Value-added farming with new insect protein.


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Fresh black soldier fly larvae (live insect)
It can be used as snack of livestock 
*It is not recommended to give too much in one time.

Frozen black soldier fly larvae

It is used as fodder of aquarium fish. 
*There is Cathelicidin within insect body, therefore, it can prevent the infection of parasite.


Dried black soldier fly larva

Protein content >45%, and lipid content ≒22%
It can be used to replace animal protein in the fodder, and it can also be used as protein additive of fodder of livestock. 
*Because the fat content is pretty high, therefore, the addition and replacement should be in appropriate amount.

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Entomogenin (Insect protein)

Protein content >63%, and lipid content <10%
It is excellent animal protein produced through insect refinery technology developed by our company. 
*It can totally replace animal protein in the fodder.

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