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Insect culturing with agroindustrial by-product.
Value-added farming with new insect protein.



Black Soldier Fly
(Hermetia illucens)

Black Soldier Fly 

(Hermetia illucens)

  • From egg to larvae and to pupa, finally to imago, it only takes a short period of one month. Black Soldier Fly has different role than the fly, Black Soldier Fly is the scavenger of the environment, but the difference is that Black Soldier Fly itself does not carry any bacteria, meanwhile, it belongs to the lowest level of the food chain, if flies slowly, and the imago takes about 5-7 days to finish the reproduction and to its death. Therefore, in the environment, it’s very difficult to see the flying of Black Soldier Fly. 


Insect Conversion Platform

I nsect C onversion P latform

  • For the culturing of Black Soldier Fly, Wormax Inc. have created four major systems. Bait processing system, hatching and reproduction system, insect culturing system and product production system. 

  • Each system is well monitored, meanwhile, the product is produced according to standardized SOP so that the stability of each lot of product can be guaranteed. 

  • Moreover, our company has associated four major systems with three core technologies to create modularized process in order to create insect conversion platform. Through modularized production process, reproduction can be conducted quickly, and production can be done quickly too to satisfy the need of the market.

Incubation, breeding system

Insect farming system

Product processing system

Raw material pretreatment system

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