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Insect culturing with agroindustrial by-product.
Value-added farming with new insect protein.


We explore green cycling industry based on the insects.

  • The future development goal of Wormax Inc. is focused on insect refinery. The development of insect industry can solve not only the environmental pollution issue, but also can slow down the consumptive speed of natural resource, furthermore, during the production process, it will not cause second pollution, therefore, an industry of true cycling economy can be really realized. 

We expand our business to the entire world by taking Taiwan as its basis

  • Taiwan, as a process basis for setting up modularized insect culturing, has reproduce the modularized process to the entire world. We have cleared local agroindustrial by-product and food’s processed by-product, and we have also produced insect protein; our final vision is to produce locally and to sell locally too.


Insect is not just the provider of protein

  • Wormax Inc. not just has traditional insect product (insect protein and organic manure of Black Soldier Fly), we also continue our development of derivative products and the launching of new RD project, for example, the extraction of chitin from the body of insect to be used in planting purpose to prevent the harm from nematode. 

  • We have also extracted lauric acid to be used as good antioxidant, which is used as raw material for cosmetics. In addition, in the future, we are going to develop natural sun cream that is bio-degradable and will not bring pollution to the ocean. We will put continuous efforts to the enhancement of the added value of the product and to create a future with friendly environment. 

Insect protein
Functional materials
Anti – UV melanin
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