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Insect culturing with agroindustrial by-product.
Value-added farming with new insect protein.



Vision of Wormax.Inc

Solve the pollution problem and Create sustainable operation

We use insect as media to solve the pollution from agroindustrial by-product and food’s processing by-product, and we also transfer it into fodder of high added value to create industry of zero pollution and of sustainable cycling.

Wormax Inc. was founded in 2019, ever since its foundation, we have continuously invested in the culturing research of Black Soldier Fly and other insects. Originally, our goal was to culture the insect, later on, due to commercialization concept, we have understood today’s risk on fodder raw material and the pollution to the environment by agroindustrial by-product and food’s processing by-product.
Therefore, Wormax Inc., based on Black Soldier Fly, has devoted itself to the conversion of agricultural and food’s processed by-products into new form of insect protein so as to solve the fodder risk. We have used insects to solve the pollution and to create sustainable cycling industry. 


Our core concepts

Green/ Cycling / Economic

Our culturing is based on pure plant bait, insect cleaning and conversion and to the production of product, therefore, this is an industry of zero pollution with full utilization.

We have used insect as role of decomposition of the nature, and we have cleared plant-based agricultural and food’s by-product, through insect’s decomposition, we have converted it into pure and natural fodder source and organic fly’s manure that can be used for planting.

We have used nature to provide nutrition for the environment, and to create green and cycling economic industry that is clean and without second pollution.


Value of our product

Eating can be a way to save the earth

When you select the product of Wormax Inc. to culture livestock or aquatic product, each bite is to save the earth and to create friendly environment.

When you select the insect protein, you can solve not only the issue of pollution to the environment created by agricultural and food’s by-products, but also can reduce the fishing of sea resource to let the nature restore to its original form.

In addition, it can also prevent the entrance of plastic microbeads pollution in the ocean into the food chain.


Corporate culture

Integrity/ Friendly / Diligent

We treat people we meet with mind of integrity.
We treat the garden we love with friendly mind.
We make progress any time with diligent mind, and we improve the production process at any time. 

We take integrity as number one, and we are highly responsible for our products and for all customers who can trust us. In addition, while we are developing industry that is friendly to the environment, all employees of our company are friendly to our customers too, and we treat each other with support and tolerance.

Finally, with mind of integrity, we have our development moved forwards step by step, and we improve our process and service continuously along with fast progress of our society.

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